Vision and Values


Honest, Genuine and Direct.

Toussaint and Company helps communities prosper by providing human development solutions to people, teams and organizations with similar goals.  We do this not only through the optimal matching of people and positions, but also through a range of related services, including training, coaching and mentoring for all parties.

Outstanding Service and Value


We are honest, genuine and direct. We do our best to set realistic expectations of what we can provide, and we strive to serve with empathy and compassion.


We listen carefully to our clients as they describe what they’re looking for. We do our best to help all parties achieve their goals. Even if we cannot help them directly, we are committed to helping them find productive alternatives.


We strive to do what is right, because we know that ultimately this will serve the best interests of everyone. We work to establish trust and goodwill, and we absolutely never compromise this core value, regardless of the immediate circumstances.


We offer outstanding service and value in everything we do. Our reputation for excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors. It is also the source of our corporate spirit that helps motivate us on a daily basis.