Services for Corporations & Educational Institutions

Larger companies and educational institutions have the luxury of deploying specialists throughout their organization, and these skilled individuals and groups can deliver impressive bottom line results.  But because these specialists are most comfortable in their natural behaviors, they’re not always forced into communications mode with other people.

Communications issues are a unique challenge for larger organizations.  There are multiple departments, divisions, reporting protocols, management layers – and in many cases, the people responsible for interacting between layers are not the best communicators in the company.
Toussaint & Company has made its mark by understanding the communications challenges of large organizations.  We help our clients create communities where people understand each others’ strengths, and we help them deploy their human capital in a way that maximizes return, results and profit.

Team Dynamics and Team Building

Within larger companies, our “sweet spot” is helping teams – especially data driven teams in fields such as IT, research, biotech, or life sciences.  These teams are, by nature, comfortable within their peer groups, but they sometimes struggle to communicate with the larger business organization.

But it takes a combination of technical competency and communications skills to create a healthy team.  We can help team members work within their natural behavior to achieve a common goal with camaraderie and fellowship — while at the same time avoiding the “group-think” mentality that can handicap a large company or educational institution.

Take the next step with Toussaint & Company, with techniques that address the critical needs of your large organization:

Creating highly functional teams.

Our primary objective is to improve communications, by helping team members establish their passion, style and competencies.  Team leaders will understand how to best deploy resources, and individuals will recognize where they can make the greatest contribution.

We foster communications by creating a safe environment, where ideas are exchanged freely.  Most importantly, leadership and their direct reports learn to trust each other, an absolute necessity for any successful business.

Fixing dysfunctional teams.

Amazingly, companies and projects fail most often because of human relations issues, not a lack of technical competency.  Poor communications is often at the top of the list.  Larger companies suffer worse than their smaller counterparts, partly because the corporate culture, with its broader and more complex organizational structure, creates barriers to effective communications.

Toussaint & Company can help you develop an environment of genuine, authentic communication and conflict resolution.  You’ll have the building blocks you need to improve divisional performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

Team assessments.

  We’re an authorized distributor of the highly effective DISC assessment tool, and we’ve worked successfully with 360-degree evaluations, as well as other programs that will help provide a more efficient and healthy work environment for your organization.

These assessment tools are excellent vehicles for determining the makeup of new teams,

Leadership training and coaching.

  Within a larger company or educational institution, coaching is often more art than science.  But when large companies promote their best individuals into management positions, that doesn’t automatically make them leaders.

Toussaint & Company helps managers make the transition to leadership.  Again, the key is communication – the nuances of communicating in large environments.  The language is different, the culture is different, and employee response is different.  We’ll help these managers understand their new situation, and use tools that will determine their leadership style.  It’s a highly individualized process, designed to leverage each person’s specific strengths and promote leadership possibilities.

Team performance results.

  Let us use our assessment tools to identify your company’s resources, then deploy those resources for maximum benefit.  Employees will be happier, their families will be happier.  Their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health will be better.

In our language, that means employees are not only on the right bus – they’re in the right seat.

Outplacement consulting.

Downsizing.  Right sizing.  Outplacement.  The end of a project.  RIFs.  Any of these situations can create displaced employees who must struggle with the realities of a job change that could affect their families – and possibly their health and well-being.

Toussaint & Company can smooth this transition for both the company and the employee.  Using our consulting services, displaced workers can identify their true passion, create effective resumes, and present themselves in a more attractive light during interviews.  They’ll make a positive transition into a job or career that will give them a greater opportunity for success.

Ongoing Team/Individual Consulting.

  Have you ever let a New Years resolution slide, because there was no one there to hold you accountable?  Companies often face the same issue after a highly successful round of coaching and training.

That’s why many Toussaint & Company clients ask us to return periodically for ongoing consulting services.  Maybe they don’t have the resources to follow up on their own, or maybe they just want an “accountability partner” to help maintain the positive momentum.  In either case, we help leading companies lead, and we help all our clients maximize the use of their most important asset, their human capital.