“His management style is one of leading by example, and living the principles of brotherhood, respect and caring, translating directly into improved teamwork and efficiency. With his business acumen rooted in integrity and a principled respect for his fellow man, he has an ability to positively impact any business culture, by rekindling employee enthusiasm for interpersonal respect thereby honoring the tenants of Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability.

Scott has demonstrated a remarkable and successful ability to learn new concepts quickly and to rapidly analyze an assortment of rapidly changing business climates in a critical manner. During his tenure, he successfully renegotiated various and sundry vendor, leasing and other professional contractual obligations, resulting in overall savings to the corporation approaching the order of $1 million. His forte demonstrates superior abilities in the areas of critical analysis, interpersonal communication, business management, and solution implementation.”

Dr. Peter G. Furno
PMSI, Indianapolis IN

Like many small-business owners, I found that the sheer desire to grow wasn’t enough to accomplish my business and personal goals. I needed help, and I knew I needed more than just a finance person who could straighten out our books and help us make sound financial decisions. That’s because making smart business decisions doesn’t exist in the vacuum of the financial realm. I knew I needed a more holistic approach – one that incorporated finance, business development, leadership training, and an advocate to push me to face some of the hard realities every small-business owner must face to be successful.

In my search for a business consultant, Scott was the only one that possessed all those skills and he has delivered significant quantifiable results. Not only has Scott helped us to drive a nearly 50% increase in revenues in the nine months he’s been working with DTC, but he has also helped to drive a year-over-year triple-digit profit increase. His intellect, discipline and business acumen are highly-valued contributions to our company. An equally important contribution, however, is his understanding and skill in the human realm. He understands that a successful business can’t just be built with healthy balance sheets and P&L statements; it has to be built with functional, inspired and motivated people.

Myra Moore
Digital Tech Consulting (DTC), Dallas TX

“Scott’s best attribute is his uncanny ability to listen and process what he hears – and then deliver cogent and thoughtful advice that strikes to the heart of the matter. His many years of business experience and pastoral training are well matched for his expertise. I’ve been both surprised and challenged by his recommendations, which are never sugar-coated. Scott’s approach is to methodically assess the situation and work with you on a solution.”

Dave Arland
Arland Communications, Indianapolis IN